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Available now on tap! Here's the story behind "A Tail of Two Pitties" by Barclay Brewing and Timber Ales.

"Stout collaboration with Timber Ales. Jason had recently started brewing out of Twelve Percent Beer Project when my dog, Borromini, was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. Borromini put up a hell of a fight for 11 months before we had to say goodbye. I mentioned to Jason how one day I’d like to brew a beer to honor him and he didn’t hesitate to say, “lets do it!”. And, just a few months later, we were brewing. Jason commissioned the art for the can and made sure we had “for Borro” lasered on the bottom. For this beer we combined recipes into an incredible rich and decadent stout then we hit it with coconut and cassia bark. Get it, “bark”…" 

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