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Room Rentel Services

A detailed breakdown of our Game Room Rental services:
Charges are by the hour, including the hour before arrival time for holding the room and one hour after for cleaning. Charge is based upon the day. 
Monday & Tuesday are $100 an hour.
Wednesday & Thursday are $150 an hour.
Friday & Saturday are $200 an hour.
These charges are before tax, do not go towards tip% and will be on a separate bill.

The perks include the following.
Reserved access to all five dart boards.
Access to all in-house games.
No minimum required spending.
You may bring decorations for your party, however decorations left behind will not be stored.
You may bring in desserts of your own, however outside food and beverages are not permitted.

Our weekly Karaoke DJ may also be available to perform at your party, his rate is separate from the room charge as he is not a part of our company and is as follows.
Monday & Tuesday 200 flat rate for 4 hours and under
Wednesday & Thursday flat rate of $250 for 4 hours and under
Friday & Saturday flat rate of $300 for 4 hours and under or $400 for over 4 hours
He accepts cash or check the night of, or payment in advance.

Furthermore, the minimum party size to require a room reservation is 30, with the maximum comfortable seating being 45. That is not including standing room around the dart area. Extra tables cannot be provided beyond the 11 currently placed in the game room to ensure there is remaining space in the dining room for minors unable to sit in the bar. However, extra tables can be brought in as long as they are removed when the party has ended.

Groups of 20 or more are subject to a 25% gratuity per check, groups of 35 or more are requested to use a single tab. Both are required to be agreed upon when making the reservation.

To get a free quote, email the details of your event and any questions to the following Email Address.

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